What You Need to Know About Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

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April 20, 2014
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What You Need to Know About Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

When learning to make a pizza one of the first things you will find out is that the heat source is one of the biggest variables in changing the flavor and texture. While some people decide to make their pizzas with industrial ovens, a wood fired pizza oven is the only choice for the most authentic dish. Due to being cooked over wood instead of gas, the oven reaches much higher temperatures that allow for a better toasted crust. Also the smoke emitted by the fire adds a dynamic to pizza that is missing when prepared by bigger companies.

One of the unique charms of a wood fired pizza oven is that the oven itself feels like an artisanal craft. Due to the fact that they need to withstand a high amount of heat for long periods of time, the only material that can be used safely is stone. Therefore every oven is made by hand in a way that best suits your own personal needs and preferences. The level of unique design that can be used as a functional piece of d├ęcor that transforms the yard it is in.

Another advantage to a wood fired pizza oven is the fact that it cooks the pizza in a way that creates a signature taste that you are unable to get with a gas fueled buy legit antibiotics oven. Due to the high heats created in the combustion of wood, you are able to get a more authentic pizza with a distinct flavor from the way the cheese and dough react to the temperature. This leads to gooey, stretchy cheese and toasted toppings that will make your pizza stand out from ones made using other ovens.

Despite being named a pizza oven, they actually have a number of uses in preparing a variety of foods. Experimenting by preparing different dishes over a wood fire can create a unique flavor, and is great for barbeques and other outdoor gatherings. In fact some people buy pizza ovens for the intent of using it to grill food as it can create nice seared meats and toasted sandwiches.

One of the problems you may encounter after purchasing a wood-fired pizza oven is obtaining wood for fuel. While some areas may have ordinances that make obtaining firewood difficult, nearly all areas have a supplier to keep your oven stockpiled. However as a precautionary measure it is a good idea to contact a company in the area and ensure that you are able to obtain wood.

Whether you are opening a brand new pizzeria or just want to create authentic pizzas at home, a wood fired pizza oven offers the best results of any product on the market.

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