Enhance your strength and energy with Dianabol


The scientific and the chemical name of Methandrostenolone known as Dianabol is a widely used anabolic steroid by athletes and bodybuilders. It was introduced by Dr. John Ziegler in the 1950s to the pharmaceutical community. Another pharmaceutical company, Ciba brought it into the prescription market under the trade name, Dianabol. This steroid is popular among bodybuilders as it gives results within a few days of the beginning of a cycle. This medication possesses a half-life of 5-6 hours, has strong anabolic effects and reasonably androgenic. It is categorized as a C17aa anabolic steroid that increases enzyme levels and naturally enhances protein synthesis.

This is a powerful steroid and the results are dependent upon the food we eat. Along with the cycle of this compound,if proper diet is taken, rapid strength and mass gains can be achieved. Calorie intake should not be reduced during this steroid cycle. It can be taken both in oral and injectable forms. It is an alternative to testosterone and an androgenic anabolic steroid that builds up muscle mass, enhances performance and makes stronger. The 10mg tablets of this medicine, also known as Anabol has an active life for six to eight hours in the body and produce results if typically used for one month.

Cycling this steroid

The cycle of this steroid can be either of Anabol alone or Anabol with another steroid like testosterone. It is an oral steroid mostly used in bulking phases alongwith injectables. At dosages above 50 mg a day, it should not be used for more than six weeks. A cycle involving this steroid only is preferred by beginners. Weight gain of 3-5 kgs can be expected from this cycle. A dosage of 40 mg daily for five weeks can be administered. For building mass and strength gain, use testosterone Cypionatein a dosage of 500 mg per week along with 40 mg of this steroid daily.

This steroid works at any dose that is above 10 mg daily. A 4-week cycle at a low dose gives gains of 8 kgs and strength. The first time users mostly use 20 mg daily for good results and for experienced users,a dosage of 40-50 mg daily combined with other steroid works effectively. This cycle should be usually started during off-season mass gain cycle. This will result in notable gains in weight. Another choice is to use a mid-cycle. This steroid stacks properly with all other anabolic steroids.

Review of the Dianabol/Anabol pills

The Dianabol or Anabol pills are one of the safest and effective steroids available. This steroid greatly enhances performance and gives durability after the end of a bulking cycle. It stays in your system for 5-6 hours. This anabolic steroid works best if typically used for one month or 6 weeks. It retains nitrogen levels and promotes protein synthesis that helps athletes to gain more muscles and reduce fat simultaneously. In terms of mass building, it is better than testosterone. It enhances performance and helps to handle strong work outs. It also makes users strong and considered better than most other steroids when the same dosage is taken.




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