Effective Ways to Prevent Foot and Ankle Injuries

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While considered common, it is reassuring to know that foot and ankle injuries are preventable.

These kind of injuries are common in sports that involve jogging, running, and those involve footwork.

However, foot and ankle injuries are not limited to those involved in competitive or extreme sports alone.

Regardless if you are at minimal or higher risk of developing injuries of this nature, it is still advisable to observe precautionary measures in order to minimize your chances of injury.

The following tips should get you off to a good start:

Refrain from stepping or running on uneven surfaces.

When possible, make it a point to avoid running in surfaces laden with stumps, holes, or rocky terrains.

This is especially necessary if you already 07waiguamagazine have foot or leg problems to begin with.

Pick the right footwear.

If you are engaged in sports, this should be a priority.

Choosing the right footwear will not only take unnecessary pressure off your ankles or feet, it will also help you perform at peak level.

In line with this, always opt for sports-specific shoes designed especially for the activity you are engaged in.

Whether it’s training, running, or CrossFit, there is footwear fitting for the activity.

Remember to always warm up before any physical activity.

Prior to performing any physical activity, consider it mandatory to first buy bird antibiotics perform stretching and warm up exercises to help lessen and prepare the muscles for any strenuous activities.

Perform specific exercises.

If you are experiencing tightness and heel pain, performing specific and light exercises can help improve blood circulation and loosen joints and muscles.

Also, in order to prevent injuries from recurring, consider wearing support brace when pressure on the site of the injury is likely.

Always go for comfortable shoes.

When choosing footwear, make sure comfort is on top of your list of priorities.

If your shoes give your feet or ankles a hard time, it would be best to replace them and invest in a pair of comfy sandals or sneakers with soft cushions.

Do not overdo physical exercises.

This is especially crucial if you just recovered or are still recovering from an injury.

Be reasonable when it comes to physical activities, sports, or trainings so you do not end up complicating your injury.

Listen to your body.

When your body is telling you something, be sure to listen.

If you have had a previous injury and movement and activities produce pain or discomfort, it would be best to have it checked as your body might be telling you something important.

While seemingly harmless, foot and ankle injuries require proper rehabilitation before engaging in physical activities is recommended.



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