Happiness Is a Lifestyle, Choosing to Make a Positive Change


“Happiness does not depend on what you have or who you are. It solely relies on what you think!” – Gautama Buddha

Everyone wants to be happy. Nobody ever wants to be sad or upset or unhappy. However, despite knowing what we want, many a times happiness manages to escape us. We manage to get almost everything we desire. But this happiness remains elusive! We often use the expressions of happiness, joy and delight synonymously. This is a mistake. Happiness is very different from feeling joyful or ecstatic. It isn’t really an emotion.

Today, I want to talk a little bit about, what exactly happiness is, where it can be found and how we can stay happy.

Defining and Understanding Happiness

Happiness is a state of mind, defined by positive and pleasant influences and emotions that one experiences in life. Happiness is not one exact emotion like contentment or joy. It is more of a scale that ranges between these two emotions. In simple words, a person who is northnorfolkcentralblog content with life, may not necessarily be happy. Neither does a person who is joyful, an example of guaranteed happiness. But, a person who is happy, experiences both these extremes of emotion. Being happy is a choice. It is a person who decides to look on the brighter side of life and maintain a positive outlook, whom we can term as truly being happy. It is said, that money can’t buy happiness. But, like a friend of mine once said, “Money can’t buy happiness, but it doesn’t make me sad either!”

So don’t ever make the mistake of thinking that materialistic things cannot make you happy. They can. But the duration of that happiness isn’t guaranteed. Happiness can only last long if the source of that happiness is something that matters to you or has some meaning to it.

Happiness, like most other valuable things, isn’t a pill sold at the local pharmacy. You can’t really force yourself to be happy and neither should you. True happiness comes from within and is a result of genuine emotions.

Let’s now look at some ways in which we all can be happy, if not always, then at least most of the time!

Ways to be happy:

(Note: I only suggest tried and tested measures. So believe me when I say this works!)

1. Spend time outdoors

It works like a charm. Scientifically speaking, our mind gets claustrophobic (as do we) when forced to stay shut inside a room for a long time. This is because it lacks the freedom to explore.

When you get out in the open, the fresh air and the greenery (if there is any) have a therapeutic effect on the mind. You feel better and you become more receptive to the happy vibes.

2. Get some physical activity.

Research has proved that even 7 minutes of physical activity a day, release should you buy antibiotics online sufficient amounts of ‘Happy Hormones’. Endorphin, Dopamine, Oxytocin and Serotonin are the 4 happy hormones. These are responsible for uplifting your spirits and making you feel more energetic.

If you get your heart pumping fast enough, the hormones are released in a higher quantity and you feel happier than usual. If you’ve paid attention, that is the reason, post good work out, despite being tired, you feel energised enough to achieve anything!

3. Sleep well

Getting at least 6 to 7 hours of proper sleep, can ensure that you feel happy and in lively spirits all through the day. Sleep helps the body relax. It releases tension and you have more power to do things.

So sleep well and sleep enough. Too much sleep and you become all grumpy and groggy.

4. Clear unnecessary negativity

We have a habit of ruminating over old things. It is almost like a disease. We keep looking for reasons to brood. But never find reasons to be happy. Starting now, stop all negative thinking.If there is anyone or anything around you, spreading negativity, throw it out of your system. Never think of anything bad for too long.

What’s done is done. Don’t waste time being negative.

5. Go easy on yourself

As much as you’d like to think otherwise, the truth is, you are not a superhuman. You are a normal human being. This is nothing to be ashamed of. Whatever happens, don’t go so hard on yourself, that you can’t see beyond your faults. You have as much right to be wrong, make mistakes and have regrets, as anyone else. So don’t keep putting yourself down. Go easy and be kind to yourself. Cut yourself some slack.

6. Have meaningful conversations

Over time, we’ve developed a habit of making small talk. If you’re wondering what that has to do with happiness? Everything.

Happiness depends on positivity. It is a state of mind. How can you expect to be happy, if all your conversations are simply ways to pass time or escape?

You need energizing conversations that hold some meaning. Something your mind feels positive about and is enthusiastic about.
So quit the small talk. Go for depth.

7. Wear good clothes

Before you beat me up, just listen! The way you dress, has a huge impact on the way you think and feel about yourself. Wear warm and bright colours. Do away with too much black, grey and brown. Bring in some red, blue and yellow.

I don’t mean look like a rainbow! I am simply asking you to lose the sad look and go for something more bright and sunny. Sunny is Happy.
Try it. It will work wonders!

It is only you, who can make yourself happy. Nobody else has any control over that. People will come and go. So will things and circumstances. What remains is you. You have the key to your own happiness.


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