Are You Willing and Happy To Help?


Even how tough a person’s personality is, the time will surely come when he or she would bend down and submit himself or herself to other people’s desires. And when that time comes, he or she is certainly more than happy to help.

“No man is an island,” so goes a famous quotation penned by English poet John Donne. This does not literally mean a man cannot live alone in an island because surely he can. It means a man cannot do all things alone. He needs the help of other people. He cannot be self-sufficient. He is a social being who is born to be with others, feel with others and loves to be with others.

This is exactly the reason why people, in general, have the innate personality to help others who are in need. They can easily feel when others, especially their relatives, need help. And that’s what we call instinct.

Most people have a soft heart. They would easily give in. They are willing to compromise, and to sacrifice when needed. Some are even willing to give up their lives so others may live. They cry a lot, but laugh more. They share their food to others. Give drink to those who are thirsty. Aren’t those qualities are what God wants us to have?

It is not hard to extend help to other people. But it is not easy, either, especially if there is money involved.

But once you have started it, you will realize you will be more than happy to help.

It is great to see a teenager buy nsu antibiotics helping an old woman cross a busy street. Or a passerby handing over a can of drinks and a sandwich to a beggar sitting by the sidewalk.

Or a kid running after the woman who happened to drop her wallet on the pathway. Or a group of women who took turns in looking after their sick neighbor who lives alone in his shanty. This is the kind of spirit that is worth spreading. The kind of attitude that children should learn from their parents while they are still in their formative years.

The principle of helping others should start in the home. Kids helping their parents do the household chores and clean their bedrooms are traits that all children should learn. However, this principle should not only be confined inside the home. It has to spread outside. In the community, there are children who love to participate in clean-up activities, in beautification projects, and especially in sports-related activities because that’s what all kids want – to play. And it would surely feel good if having fun for them means helping others in the process.

What’s good about involving children in community services is that they can easily ignite support from their circle of friends. They are, by nature, good in convincing other children to support whatever they are doing. That’s why the habit of helping others should start while they are still young so that when they grow old, they will always feel happy to help other people.


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