War on Waste – Don’t Let the Supermarkets Dictate


Today on the UK news there was an item on waste produce, good fresh edible food declined and dumped by supermarkets. A staggering 50% by farmers is wasted. How disgusting! I would like consumers to help me to fight this waste. If you agree please help me spread this campaign. Spread the word on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and anywhere you can. I am currently confined to a wheelchair with a broken leg, so help if you can.

What difference does it make if carrots are curly, or cucumbers curve, do we worry about bananas? Or if peppers conform in size and shape to somebody’s standards? Yes I prefer larger carrots, but I’m sure others like little ones. Let us choose, we don’t need supermarkets making our decisions for us!

Wintering in Spain, supermarkets aren’t quite so strict on produce here, you do see large and undersized produce. Best of all are the rows of market stalls piled high with beautiful fresh fruit and vegetables. These are often grown on local farms and brought to market.

Years ago people grew their own on their Healthy Living news allotments and gardens, did they worry if beans bent, cucumbers curved or if carrots didn’t conform; no, they were interested in taste and freshness. Surely this should be what we desire too?

Not long ago milk was going down the drain http://www.health-canada-pharmacy.com because supermarkets were having a price war and squeezing the farmers profits. Would you worry about an extra 2p a pint on milk if it went to the producers?

People spend more than a few pence a week on coffee or beer, lets-get our priorities right! What about designer label stuff, they cost a fortune to carry a logo! Give us more free choices, more autonomy in our decisions.

Enid Blighton or Noddy books banned in schools because they might corrupt children, who are then allowed to watch horror videos, the worlds gone mad!

No wonder millions of people are Googling “work at home” to find ways to make more choices in their lives. If you happen to be one of the discontented millions, affiliate marketing is a great answer, work anywhere with your laptop with flexible hours and schedule.

The simplest quickest way to start online, is working with a mentor who provides excellent products, sales pages and training. This saves you the hassle of sourcing products deciding which will be best-sellers, building websites and learning marketing before you begin earning.

With a mentor you start earning as you are learning the techniques. So plan for the future NOW; join the band of entrepreneurs, make some choices in your life, don’t leave it all to the nanny state.


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